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Public accountants


Consultants and Advisors


  • Accounting
    • Keep company´s books
    • Analyse processed information
    • Prepare reports
    • Prepare financial statements
    • General ledger
    • Inventory ledger
  • Payroll
    • Salary payment and social contribution
    • Receipt issuance
    • Prepare an affidavits (if applicable)
    • Document to present before the Ministry of work
    • Staff statements before BSE (Bank of State Insurance)
    • Salary reports
  • Companies
    • Minutes of Meetings
    • Minutes of Meeting of the Board of Directors
    • Shareholders Register
    • Minutes Register of Meeetings
  • Incorporating companies
    • Advise on company´s incorporation considering the different businesses.
    • Register of the companies before the state offices.
    • Link between the different professionals involved in the process.
    • Advise on bank account opening.
  • Residence
    • Legal residence.
    • Mercosur residence.
    • Fiscal residence.
  • Outsourcing Services
    • Accounting for foreign Clients
    • Quickbooks
    • Yardi


  • Prepare and file annual and monthly tax returns.
  • Proceedings before the Tax Authority Office
  • Taxes settlement
  • Control compliance with invoicing standards
  • Pay taxes and prepare tax ticket.
  • Prepare annexes to tax returns.


  • Compliance report
  • Limited Review Report
  • Auditor´s report
  • Internal control management


  • Recruitment, Selection and staff employment
  • Psychological assessment
  • Technical assessment

Our firm

We are an accounting firm that provides professional services in the areas of Accounting, Taxes, Auditing, Employment, Human Resources and Company´s incorporation.

We provide all-round services accompanying clients in their development process.

We are Proud to be members for more than 10 years of Alliott Global Alliance (www.alliottglobal.com), an international network of accountants and lawyers. Such association allows us to expand our business worldwide and attend clients all around the world.

Our mission is to act as the operation base of our clients offering them effective and reliable solutions.